Chánduví Restorations was founded based on the fundamental belief that in the world of art and design, history should continue to be both relevant and of significant value. In following this principle, restoration should always be presented as an option when considering antique furniture and design pieces or architectural monuments with historical significance. At Chánduví Restorations, we approach every restoration project with the hope of reviving and revitalizing a piece, while maintaining its historical integrity.

In addition to restorations, a large portion of the work we take on at Chánduví Restorations is comprised of altering contemporary furniture and design pieces through refinishing, distressing, or construction. In approaching these particular projects, we again take history into consideration and often utilize old world techniques passed down from generations of artists and restorers.

Above all, at Chánduví Restorations we view our business as an art and aim to produce results of the highest quality for all of our clients.